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TCR is proud to announce print and gift ordering availability for our entire portfolio of event photos. Through our partnership with the web's best photo sharing site, SmugMug, you can now purchase a wide variety of custom items including photos, posters, framed prints, mouse pads, mugs t-shirts, & much more. Start browsing now at

Over 26,000 Photos!

Freedom Run 2010

We worked hard to bring you the best quality printing at affordable prices, and SmugMug delivers with fast fulfillment, full guarantee, and high-end color correction, packaging, and papers. Our prices are standard throughout the galleries and do not include "archive" fees, so you can order at anytime after your event. We welcome your feedback: let us know what types of print/gift packages you would like to see.

Find Yourself, a Friend, or Family

Though we do not offer bib number photo tagging at this time, if you participated in a TCR-produced event since 2007, you likely did not outrun our lenses! Our galleries are super-fast, and browsing is a snap. No SmugMug account is required to complete an order: just browse to the photo you would like to order, click the "Buy" button above the photo, select "This Photo", and proceed with selecting options and checkout. If you have any difficulties, please visit SmugMug's Visitor Help.

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